The Sacrifice

Tales of the Company

Tales of myth and intrigue and all true

September, 1

We have just moved up North and are all amazed at what seems to be left of humanity. Is this all that is left of the mighty paladins and what of the Empires of Torgorth and Cheegath? Surely this cannot be happening. 5 years the entire world has been at war. And here we are at some forgotten outpost sitting around waiting for the end? There must be something more, something better on the other side of this. Or what is the point? The gods must know something yet they have been silent for so long, well except for the rumor going around of the great war. Some talk as if the gods themselves are waring with each other. There must be some explanation. Ahhh, that is for the clerics and paladins to figure out, tonight we feast. I hear they are bringing in captive wenches from Tortuth. Ahhh, at least there is comfort in that.



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