The Sacrifice

The cave

I had that same dream last night and now I find myself compelled to write it down, as if this was something I was being told to do. Curse whatever being or god is making me do this dreaming of this Gozar the destructor. I keep seeing him in a statue in a cave wide and open with strange glowing lettering on the walls. Somehow I know it is somewhere in the desert below the remains of a great battle. The statue never moves but his eyes are glowing and he waits for something. Always he is looking at me and there is a woman no two woman weeping blood begging for it to end. And somewhere I hear in the distance this echoing laugh and then whenever I go to look at it I just see this descending wave of blood coming out of the darkness and I taste iron in my mouth before. I wake up crying blood tears. Ohh what god would send such dreams of blood and death. What horror.



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