The Sacrifice

The cave

I had that same dream last night and now I find myself compelled to write it down, as if this was something I was being told to do. Curse whatever being or god is making me do this dreaming of this Gozar the destructor. I keep seeing him in a statue in a cave wide and open with strange glowing lettering on the walls. Somehow I know it is somewhere in the desert below the remains of a great battle. The statue never moves but his eyes are glowing and he waits for something. Always he is looking at me and there is a woman no two woman weeping blood begging for it to end. And somewhere I hear in the distance this echoing laugh and then whenever I go to look at it I just see this descending wave of blood coming out of the darkness and I taste iron in my mouth before. I wake up crying blood tears. Ohh what god would send such dreams of blood and death. What horror.

Tales from the Company
A fleeting moment

“I’ve got a bad feeling about this,” said Larthor the barbarian. Those were the last words out of his mouth. For such is a man’s wyrd. His fate as some would call it. Such is what we know in the North. But what do I know of this desert that stretches as far as the eye can see? And what would bring two towers of savagery down from the cold to stare at this bare boned place? The carcasses of dragons stretch out for miles. What happened? When has there ever been a time when dragons proliferated this earth? And what of these giants because they dwarf what we call giants today. Perhaps Surt is more than a story to keep kids up at night wondering.

Ahhh I am no bard so I cannot sing such praises for my companion. All I can tell you is that beware where you step in the desert the sea is not the only place containing monsters.

A New Age

I am Legais Kain.

Ages ago, before your grandparents even walked this earth, I had seen it all. I had studied under the great masters of old, learning sword and sorcery. My travels had taught me anything a man could wish to know. My glaive tasted the blood of anyone who stood in my path. Wealth was mine to be had, women came to me freely, and the world was my play thing.

I am a dragoon. Such things are lost, now. Glaive at the ready, the sky my only obstacle. My foes found their death coming from high above, and it came swiftly. Few had the pleasure of tasting my blade twice.

Do not mistake me for some common man. Do not assume that my armor and weaponry make my mind slow. My mind is as sharp as my weapons, as strong as my body.

I tell you these things so that you might understand me. I tell you these things, so that when I tell you my story, you will understand.

I am Legais Kain. I have just awoken from a sleep of four hundred years. The world will be my play thing once more. Tremble before my wrath.

“Another day passes, my body bound inside this crystal. I long ago gave up keeping the time, but my curse brings it to me. That bastard dwarf could not see fit to simply lock me away here. It is dark. It has been this way for longer than I care to remember- but I know how long, just by the thought of it. A hair over 400 years now.

I recall keenly going insane, once. A few weeks after my imprisonment, before the spell that told me the passage of time revealed itself, my mind shattered. All my intellect, broken into pieces. Even now, I am merely piecing together fragments of my former self. My glaive, still held firmly in hand, preserved through time, feels unfamiliar. Even though my grip has not once changed in four hundred years.

I do not sleep. I do not eat or drink. There is merely time, and I am but its puppet. Even now, I talk to things that do not exist. They keep me company, just like you do. I hated you, for a while. Eventually I accepted you. If I must carry out my existence here, I can accept some loss of sanity if it helps to pass the time.”

Legais paused his monologue, as the wall before him shattered. Light struck him, the crystals facets bringing him one hundred views of the intruders into his domain. A monk of some sort. A wizard. And a fighter, he assumed. He watched them as they debated what to do about him, and he debated as well. Four hundred years of anger and boredom weighed upon him.

The crystal shattered, and he stepped down. He flexed, and felt his muscles weak with disuse. His glaive heavy in his hands.

They were waiting for him to say something. Well, no reason to be rude. “I am Legais Kain. Thank you for your assistance.”

The warrior addressed him. “Now you owe Kharne.”

As if I would owe anyone. “I see. Perhaps I can be of some service?”

He brought his glaive about, resting the massive weapon across one shoulder. Not so unfamiliar, afterall. Its weight was comforting on him, the clink as it hit his armor pleasant.

They began to walk, off to whatever they were here for. Kain decided to join them, until such time as they bored him or he found something better to do. It had been so long since he had been an adventurer. And with them, perhaps he could regain his former strength..

Tales of the Company
Tales of myth and intrigue and all true

September, 1

We have just moved up North and are all amazed at what seems to be left of humanity. Is this all that is left of the mighty paladins and what of the Empires of Torgorth and Cheegath? Surely this cannot be happening. 5 years the entire world has been at war. And here we are at some forgotten outpost sitting around waiting for the end? There must be something more, something better on the other side of this. Or what is the point? The gods must know something yet they have been silent for so long, well except for the rumor going around of the great war. Some talk as if the gods themselves are waring with each other. There must be some explanation. Ahhh, that is for the clerics and paladins to figure out, tonight we feast. I hear they are bringing in captive wenches from Tortuth. Ahhh, at least there is comfort in that.


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