In a time long forgotten, a period of strife and war has arisen that threatens to destroy everything. Brothers and families have been torn apart. New kingdoms have been born to replace old ones. Mighty emperors huddle amidst their concubines and cling to what is left of their wealth. Nightmares from long ago walk the street and take children, gold, wheelbarrows, anything they can get their hands on.

What is left of the law is a group of paladins struggling to follow their gods edicts while trying to provide some comfort in a time where they increasingly believe that their gods have turned away, moved on, or are possibly dead. All they are left with is an ancient prophesy, vague and incomplete that speaks of a group of non-heroes full of flaws and selfish desires, who will somehow find a balance within themselves and change history. For this very reason the paladins have always employed mercenaries.

Unfortunately, all of the bands have mysteriously been vanishing. Only one remains, the company, a band of mercenaries founded before recorded time for a purpose no one knows, they have always been controlled by captains and at one time were large enough to be split into several battalions that would meet once a year on a hill under the first blood moon of October. During this war they have been ravaged and the remains have moved up north under the last organized band of paladins the war god Tyre.

You are among the survivors of this band and some say offer the last great hope of humanity, of course everyone who knows you shudders to think of what that really means.

And to think it all begins on a black night in the middle of a rainstorm.

The Sacrifice

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